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Hours of Operation:

3955 NE Broadway - Portland, Oregon - Phone: 503.287.4013 - Fax: 503.287.4913
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Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 6:30 pm 
Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday -overnight dogs only

Sorry, no early drop off and the late fee is $1 per minute.  Since we've extended our hours we can no longer offer a grace period for pick ups.

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Single Visit
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1/2 Day (4 hours or less)
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5 Visit Pack
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10 Visit Pack
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20 Visit Pack

All packages are to be paid in advance, don't expire, and can be used over any time period. Feel free to share a package between any of the dogs in your family.

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Vaccinations required:

Spay or Neuter (at 6 months of age or older)
Distemper / Parvo
Corona -if coming from a hot weather state.

All dogs must have current vaccinations and pass a temperament assessment before attending daycare. No appointment is necessary for the assessment, just allow 30 minutes. Also, all dogs must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.

Overnight Boarding:

$32.00 for a 24 hours – DOGS MUST BE CHECKED IN BY 11:00 AM.

We require that your dog be checked in by 11 am as this allows them to play all day. Your dog will be tired at night when its time to go into their kennel and experience less stress about being away from home overnight.There are staff members on site from 6 am to 10 pm so your dogs are never alone when they are out of their kennels.

Cancellation Policy for Boarding:

Due to Doggie Digs holding a spot for your dog in our boarding room we regret that we have to have an extremely strict cancellation policy. Please read it carefully and call if you have any questions. You are never required to reserve your boarding in advance but please be aware that you'll run the risk of us filling up and not able to offer you a space. Please feel free to call and check how much space we have left during your desired time. In order to reserve your overnight boarding spot we require a down payment of 100%. If you have to cancel your boarding for any reason after you've made your reservation we have a graduated cancellation policy:

Overnight is based on a 24 hour period. So, if you check in at 9:15 am then you'd need to pick up by 9:15 am in order to only pay the $32 per night fee.  If you need to go over the 24 hour period you'll be charged for daycare or another night depending on what time you pick up.

Pickups need to be made during daycare hours listed above except for Sunday.  In order to NEVER leave your dogs alone out in the yard we kennel the dogs for periods of time on Sunday so we can help customers. We strive to create a very safe atmosphere for your best friend and we think that, while this may inconvenience the parents a little, keeping the dogs safe is too important not to do it.